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Fresh Supernatural Blood

demons we get, people are crazy

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a fan community for everything Supernatural
Welcome to spn_freshblood! This comm was created with the intention of joy and joyness in the Supernatural community. Here you can share pictures, icons, spoilers (under a cut ALWAYS), fics, graphics, Supernatural discussion, media (all sources must be credited) and as mentioned before joy and joyness.

Your friendly neighborhood mod is Den.

We plan to stay in the background and let you guys do your thing, but drop us a line Private Message us if you need us!

This site is dedicated to the show that we love and we are of the opinion that it should bring us together as a fandom in a good way. We are here to respect each other, the actors we adore and the show we love. So please be nice and enjoy the ride.

A community is only as good as the members make it, so post, share, tell others! All are welcome.

1.) General:
This is a comm about the awesomeness that is Supernatural. So please, keep all posts relevant to the show and the actors.
Please respect the show, the actors, the fandom and the personal lives of all of those involved (please refrain from posting pictures that were taken and distributed without consent).

Any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2.) Cuts:
ALL spoilers, long entries and adult content under a cut.

3.) Tags:
We would love for people to use tags because it makes the comm easier to browse, but should you forget about it, it's no big deal. See our tags page for available tags.

4.) Credit:
Credit is a must if you're using content that isn't yours.

5.) Adult Content:
Everything is welcome here, but keep in mind that there may be underage members. So please, all adult content under a cut or linked, with suitable warnings.

6.) Spoilers:
Please leave a respectable time frame after newly aired episodes, at least 48 hours, before using spoilery graphics. When posting spoilery graphics please put behind a cut and do not use teasers. We are not a spoiler free zone but please respect those who don't want to see them.

7.) Wank Free Zone:
Play nice, we don’t want any in-fighting or all-out-wars here m’kay? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, debating and discussing is fine, but no bashing.

We’re not here to police what you do, but if there are any defamatory posts they will be investigated and possibly taken down. And again, if we miss anything, let us know.

Our lovely affiliates are listed below! If you would like to affiliate, please contact us.

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For all your Supernatural linkage visit spn_guidebook
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